• Construction Cleaning Services

  • Have you had your office or business remodeled lately?  If you have, you know there can be a huge mess that needs to be cleaned up afterward.  New construction can cause all kinds of issues inside of any building new or old. 

    Construction can leave dirt, grime, mold, water damage and a whole host of other things you might not have thought about when you were starting your project.   

    There is no need to stress, O'Donnell cleaning services are experts at helping you with new construction cleaning.  We can assess any issues you might have at your business.      

  • How Approach Construction Cleaning

    When we arrive at your business we will take a look and fully assess the situation.  We will take a full tour of your facility and keep notes as to what needs to be cleaned.  Once we are finished with the initial walkthrough, we will take our notes and provide you will a full quotation outlining everything that needs to be done.

    At this point, you can decide what services you may or may not need.     

    The Initial Cleanup Phase

    At the start of every job, we will perform the initial cleanup.  This may be removing everything on the surface that you currently see.  These may be paper, boxes, construction debris, nails or anything else the crews left behind.  We will also work with you on where everything will be collected or if you have a  trash bin, we can throw it away.

    Deep Cleaning

    After the initial phase, we will go right into the deep cleaning phase, where we will start to cleaning and dust, mud, dirt or anything otherwise.  We will also clean any fixtures that need to be cleaned at this time. 

    The Ready Phase

    Once we are done with the first two stages, we then begin the ready stage.  In this stage, we take a once or twice over and make sure everything is looking clean and is ready for you and your employees to start your work again.

    O'Donnell construction cleaning can help you achieve peace of mind once again knowing your building is safe and ready for use again.  We are experts at cleaning.  If there is any special instruction you need to be done, please let us know and we will work to make sure we get everything done.