Eco-Friendly Cleaning System

Cleaning Practices

Here at O’Donnell Cleaning we firmly believe in following systematic cleaning processes. Setting up and following an adaptable system, allows our cleaning professionals to remain consistent and efficient throughout each and every cleaning service. Firstly we ensure that every surface throughout the facility is being covered and cleaned with the appropriate product. Secondly, we create a rotating cleaning system that allows us to focus on specific areas and hotspots daily, tailored around your business hours. Then we allow room for any specific focuses or unique cleaning needs your business may need.

As an experienced commercial cleaning service, we understand the challenges that come with managing large spaces around business hours. This is why we spend hours training and educating our employees on the latest cleaning practices. Furthermore, we ensure to keep up-to-date with and follow all health and safety guidelines at all times.

Hot Spot Focus

  1. Doorknobs and Handles
  2. Faucet and Toilet Handles
  3. Telephones
  4. Light Switches
  5. Computer Keyboards and Mouse
  6. Appliance Handles
  7. Copy Machines
  8. Elevator Buttons & Key-card entrances
  9. Any Other Frequently Touched Surfaces

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

  1. EPA Registered To Kill 99.9% of Germs
  2. Entirely Plant-Based Products
  3. Biodegradable Medical-Grade Cleaning Supplies
  4. Made From 100% renewable resources
  5. O’Donnell Cleaning uses Benefect Multi-Purpose Cleaner as our main disinfection cleaning product
  6. Works Great on Floors, Walls, Counters, Windows, Mirrors, Household Contents, and Glass

O’Donnell Cleaning is dedicated to providing high-quality cleaning practices to businesses and homeowners throughout the entire state of Ohio. Our professional cleaning team is equipped with eco-friendly hospital-grade cleaning disinfectants.

O'Donnell Cleaning uses Eco-Friendly Hospital Grade Cleaning Supplies
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